How to protect eyes from mobile screen in online classes

by Neilson Gesite - February 17, 2021

Due to Online Learning which is the new normal of education in the Philippines, our children's time facing digital devices and exposing their eyes to digital lights were extended as well. This affects the students' eyes in many negative ways which includes headache. This can also be prevented in many different ways such as resting eyes from time to time.

Negative effects of extended screen time to our children's eyes

Extended screen time, which exposes our eyes with digital lights, can cause eye strain. It is a common condition that occurs when our eyes get tired from excessive use or due to a long time exposure in light. This condition usually does not last for long and can be cured by resting one's eyes.

Eye Strain Symptoms:
  • Headache
  • Blurred Vision
  • Double Vision
  • Dry eyes
  • Sore / Discomfort in neck, shoulder or back
  • Difficulty with concentrating

If you feel the following, resting your eyes can help or else consult your doctor. For more reference, you can check the following links about eye strain:

Aside from eye strain, extensive use of digital equipment might also affect our eyesight in the long term. This is due to the blue lights that our screen gadget produces.

Blue lights can cause a toxic reaction that can kill cells including photoreceptors in our retina which is necessary for us to see. Though, with the help of vitamin-E derivative alpha-tocopherol, the death of these cells were being prevented. But as our immune system weakens, our body loses the ability to fight back against this toxic reaction that can lead to the death of photoreceptors which will result in significant vision loss.

For more reference: University of Toledo - Research about Blue light

While having a good immune system can prevent the blue lights effect in our eyes, it is still better to lessen eyes exposure to blue lights so as to prevent future unforeseen complications.

How to protect our children's eyes from excessive screen time

There are many ways to protect our children's eyes while they were using digital devices for online learning. Even digital companies work on technologies that can lessen the effect of digital lights to our eyes.

1. Use device “eye protect” feature

Several digital companies use the “eye protect” feature which lessens the blue light on the screen. This might change the actual projected images color but in return, our children's eyes are more protected. You can activate it all the time unless the class discussion is related to colors.

2. Adjust screen light or brightness

Less light is better for the eyes. Lowering brightness level will decrease light the device will produce. You can also use the “auto-adjust brightness” feature of devices but some devices are sensitive to light which might change the brightness level from time to time with just a small change of light in the surroundings.

3. Rest eyes from time to time

Resting your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes every two hours or less by walking away from your devices can help your eyes too. You can close your eyes as well but make sure you wont sleep in the middle of the class.

4. Good distance of eyes to gadgets

Setting your laptop or other device with a relatively good distance away from your eye can prevent high concentration of light entering the eyes. Having a good seating posture and placing the device on a table is a good thing to do to maintain the distance. This can also help prevent having eye strains.

5. Regular eye check up

Lastly and most important is to get a regular eye check up. Eye experts advice is still the best way to help you protect your eyes. You can set at least an annual eye check up for your child. Having eyeglass with UV protection might help but first seek your doctor's advice.

Prevention is always better than cure. So while your child is young, keeping their eyes protected is always better than buying corrective glasses in the future.


1. How can I protect my eyes from too much screen time?

Answer: Use device “eye protect” feature, adjust screen light or brightness, rest your eyes from time to time, a good distance of eyes from gadgets, and regular check up.

2. Which display is good for eyes in Mobile?

Answer: AMOLED because it has the best contrast and better color rendering.

3. How much brightness is good for eyes in Mobile?

Answer: Keep it at least 50% of the total brightness to prevent digital eye strain and eye irritation.

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