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Best Mobile Phone for Gift

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays Now Inquirers!

This season of giving, we prepared a list of budget smartphones that will surely fit your needs as a gift for your loved ones.

We listed budgets from Php 5,000.00, Php 7,000.00, and Php 10,000.00 and picked the best among the most popular brands in the Philippines.

Best Smartphones in the Philippine Market

If you are looking for the best available in the country, you are in the right corner.

We Inquired in different stores and check online market to see which phones were available here in the Philippines.

And to get the list of the best, we ranked all smartphones based on their specs.

Best Budget Phones in the Philippines

Need a phone and can't decide the budget to have?

Check out the links below to see the best phones for different budgets that might help you to decide.

You can choose if you want Php 7,000 budget phones or up to Php 20,000 worth mid-range to high end phones.

Best Budget Gaming Phones

Into games and need a new phone for it?

Phones for you needed high processing capability and memory… which is expensive.

But if budget is tight and need it to be a bit affordable, check the link for the list we made for you.

Recommended Smartphones

We made a list of recommended Premium, Mid-range, and Entry level phones.

The rating was based on their spec’s quality over price.

Check the link below for the complete list.

The worlds best smartphones

Top 100 Smartphone Banner

Weekly Chart of Top 100 Smartphone Worldwide as of May 08, 2022

We compare all smartphone specs and ranked them all in a single page chart. Chart is updated every Sunday so the latest smartphone released will appear in it.

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